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Pain free piercing

If you’re an Instagram addict then there’s no doubt you’ve already seen a spot of hair piercing amongst your favourite feeds.

The new mousse

Long gone are the days of crispy curls; the modern mousse is a multi-tasking must-have, and is no longer the domain of curly girls only.

Nail that new year resolution

Find out the key tips and treatments you can use to help your client to stop biting their nails.

New year, new skills

In the hair and beauty industry, it’s vital to keep your knowledge of trends and techniques up to date.

Desk to disco looks

During the party season there is fun to be had and not a moment to waste, so follow Lisa Shepherd’s 5 top tips on creating diva standard desk to disco transformations.

The tomboy trend

More and more women are playing with their hair, and we’re not just talking about a colour change. Thanks to the likes of Orange Is The New Black, Ruby Rose, women are trying more androgynous looks.

Hair trends we can't wait for!

Yes, we’re in the thick of Summer, but there are a few hair trends we can’t wait until Autumn for!

Three ultra bright Summer nail trends

Summer’s in full swing, so make sure you've got an array of styles to suit your clients’ holiday moods – especially if they’re not planning on leaving the country!

The new and improved lob

Although the lob seems like such a fresh and new style, it actually first appeared back in 2013. Back then it was a chunkier, choppier affair, but the new lob is a little more sleek.

Offer your clients the perfect bridal manicure

After hair and make-up, nails can often be an afterthought for brides when it comes to their wedding day look but we think it polishes (pun intended) the look off.