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Why Nioxin and how to consult with your clients

Simply put, because more than 70% of users notice thicker, fuller-looking hair in just 30 days.

Get the look: Colour Touch crystal gloss

Create the look and get into fashion forward colour.


There are some musicians who inspire with their words, for perhaps a decade or two, but David Bowie was a man who not only influenced our emotions, he also governed our make up, hair and fashion choices over an eclectic five decades.

Create the look: Colour Touch hidden twist

If a client asks for a colour change but doesn’t want to commit to an all-over, this is the perfect solution.

L'Oreal hair contouring

Create custom-made colour that enhances the appearance of your face shape.

L'Oreal Hair Contouring

As a L'Oreal Professionel user, we thought you would love to hear about the new key trend; custom-made colour that enhances the appearance of your face shape.

New year, new you

The phrase ‘new year, new you’ is synonymous with the new year, but does it and should it always mean reinvention?

The look of 2016?

It’s official; the Lob is a ‘thing’. The ‘long bob’ has stuck it out longer than the Fauhawk and has been hotter than the Pob ever was, which is why it’s here to stay for 2016.

Size matters!

We’ve been talking about having the right kit to create the most perfect styles come party season, but what are the iconic styles that never fail during the festive period? First up, big hair!

Christmas party hair

With the festive season almost upon us, we speak to the experts for tips on achieving that Christmas party hair wow-factor.

Desk to disco looks

During the party season there is fun to be had and not a moment to waste, so follow Lisa Shepherd’s 5 top tips on creating diva standard desk to disco transformations.

Bronde is here to stay

Tai Walker, Head of Colour and Technical Development at Mahogany Hairdressing talks us through the bronde trend.

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