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Tan Goals

This week we're talking tanning trends with leading UK expert James Harknett. Read on to find out how James keeps his clients streak-free...
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Everybody loves the sunshine

It was Sun Awareness Week last week, but more importantly, the entire month of May is dedicated to Skin Cancer Awareness across the globe. Read on to see the surest - and safest - ways for your clients to stay bronzed, without the risk of dun damage.

Our Top tips for a longer lasting tan

We know that we’re forecasted to have a short and sweet summer, but that doesn’t mean that your tanning clients have to deal with a short-lived colour boost. Here are our top tips to a longer-lasting glow.

Sienna X Spring edit

Sienna X share all you need to know about the bridal and prom season. Plus, top tips for waxing and tanning.

Party season: Top tanning product picks

Take a look at our top tanning product picks so that your client (or you) stands out from the crowd with a gorgeous golden glow.

Autumn days: Natural tanning for the colder months

The temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter; it’s fair to say that Autumn is well and truly upon us.