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Born lippy

Search Instagram or Twitter for the hashtag #lipart and you can easily spend hours browsing through the artiest creations. Here we’ve selected our top 4 accounts to follow for consistent lip action.

Nontouring - Is it really going to be a thing?

Kim Kardashian announced she doesn’t believe in full-on contouring anymore. Instead she prefers strobing, and nontouring – Find out more about this potential new trend.

Learn how to make the perfect face

Make things easy on yourself and check out our top three make up courses that will get your creativity flowing – and clients glowing!

Go naked

Contouring and strobing are likely to never go out of fashion, but there’s a new look in town, and it might be even harder to master.

Brow rules

Here we talk about Spring brow trends that your customers might – or might not – be interested in!

Nude news

Two key make-up trends that are hitting the hair industry hard are contouring and nude neutrals.


There are some musicians who inspire with their words, for perhaps a decade or two, but David Bowie was a man who not only influenced our emotions, he also governed our make up, hair and fashion choices over an eclectic five decades.


Contouring has been a major talking point within the make up community for the past couple of years. But what makes a good contour job?

Party essentials: Part 2

We’ve already given you the lowdown on the perfect products to ensure your festive season clients’ hair concerns are sorted, but what about the face and nails?

Perfect party lips

Over the next few blogs we’ll be focused on party season classics, starting with the red lip.

Haunting Halloween inspo

Instagram is the place to be when it comes to horrific Halloween inspiration. Here are three of our favourite accounts to follow this witching season.

A wild Spring for 2016

Milan Fashion Week was all about the wild, vibrant and vivid colours found in nature.

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