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The Keys to Communicating Positively with your Clients and Staff

In any business positivity is a key ingredient, but in our world it’s everything. Clients come to you to leave feeling the best they can, which is why we've put together the keys you need to communicate with your clients as positively as possible.

Sick Pay & Holiday Entitlement

With hairdressers opening imminently, and the beauty industry to follow soon, now is the perfect time to learn about sick pay & holiday entitlement during this unprecedented time.

Team Organisation

Re-opening the salon post-lockdown will mean that your staff will be working under very different conditions; now is the time to plan and prepare your team for the big day!

Confident and Killing it

Gearing up to re-open? We've spent the last 3 months feeling a wide array of emotions, but for many of us in the hair and beauty industry, it's time to start thinking about what happens next. Over on our blog London-based Confidence Coach Tiwa Ogunlesi, founder of Confident and Killing It, provides some tips guaranteed to get you ready!

The Face of Beauty in 2018

It's truth universally acknowledged, that we will always find time and money to spend on ourselves when it comes to beauty. So we thought we'd do a little catch-up to get you thinking about your current beauty offering.

The Queen of Salon Social

Do you want to become more social savvy? Sophia Hilton and her Salon, Not Another Salon, has become internationally renowned, with social media playing a major role in that exposure. Here Sophia breaks down what you really need to know, in order to survive in the digital jungle.
Tips from the pros - Steve Rowbottom .jpg

Tips From The Pros - Steve Rowbottom

If anyone knows success, it's Steve Rowbottom, Director at award-winning Leeds and Yorkshire salon group Westrow. He pins success down to three key elements...

Tips From The Pros - Nergish Wadia-Austin

First up we have Nergish Wadia-Austin, who runs PHAB Business Helpine, a business solution service designed for nail, beauty, spa, hair and barbershop managers aound the world. She says it's all about asking the right questions.