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Look 3 by Indola

Discover the third and final look by Indola
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The Look, by Indola

Equality, fluidity, identity - a new generation is standing up and taking control, bending the nature of conformity. This nonconformist attitude is reflected asthetically by punk, raver and DIY style.
Indola Colour Featured.jpg

The Look, Civil Society, by Indola

This summer it's all about the bleach. The perfect true lift, no matter if it is a clean bleach from roots to ends or softly shaded roots and bleached length for maximum contrast, gives every look more attitude for the genderless, punk, DIY look younger clients crave.

Create the look: Candy gangster by Indola

Step by step for the Candy Gangster megatrend from the Indola: Smart Streetstyle Collection.