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How to set up your at-home salon

There are various ways you can go freelance; while some hair and beauty pros prefer to rent a chair or space in an existing salon, others love the freedom and flexibility of creating their own at-home workspace. It’s a great way to make the most of your time in between clients and means you can really stay on top of everything, from admin, to social to keeping your work environment clean.

Here is a breakdown of the essentials you need for setting up the perfect at-home salon.


Nail station: When it comes to creating the most beautiful nail creations, it’s vital that you can be close enough to your client to see all the finer details, while also keeping some distance that allows you both to be comfortable. A nail station allows you to sit opposite your client and enables you to position yourself correctly so you can find a comfortable way to work. You can also opt for a double nail station for times that you want to work alongside someone or train an assistant.

Other things you’ll need: It’s essential that you have a nail lamp you can rely on; not only to see what you’re doing, but they also help you take the best #nailfie to post on your socials.

Also, if you want to offer pedicures too, it makes sense to invest in a pedicure chair that comes with an integrated manicure platform; that way you can do your clients manicure while they’re enjoying a foot treatment. If you don’t have the space for a pedicure chair then a pedi stool is a great space-saving addition that you can use as and when you need it.

Don’t forget storage to keep your space tidy, or shelving to showcase the brands you are using. If you are retailing, then a space to house your retail products for your customers to browse is a must.

Styling chair: A comfortable chair that looks stylish and is easy to clean is a must.

Wash basin: You’ll need to rinse out treatments and of course, give your clients a nice, comfy experience while you’re at it.

Other things you’ll need: Stay stocked up on towels, from fluffy and luxe to handy disposables. Mirrors are another essential for showing your clients how their hair is looking, and they also allow you to view your cut and colour work from every angle.

Don’t forget your scissors: invest in a pair or two that guarantee you long-lasting effectiveness, and when it comes to colour, you can never have too many mixing bowls or foils, so make sure you’re fully stocked up.

Bed: Whether you’re doing waxing or brows or offering massages and facials, a comfortable, easy to access bed is essential. Choose from the latest medical quality, motorized beds that allow your client to sit or lie in a range of positions, or opt for a more affordable, space-saving massage bed that comes with integrated storage. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered!

Other things you’ll need: cleanliness is everything when it comes to beauty services, so be sure you have plenty of couch roll to keep things clean in between clients. If you offer waxing you’ll need heaters and mixing pots and when it comes to facials you’ll need everything from cleansers and toners to moisturiser and oils.

Makeup station: The most important factor when it comes to makeup is light, lots of it! Not only should your client be comfortably sat at a mirrored makeup station with a cosy chair, it’s vital that there’s plenty of light so you can ensure correct shade matching and see clearly when it comes to detailed areas.

Other things you’ll need: Again, mirrors are key for showing the client your progress and don’t forget a trolley to move all those disposable makeup applicators and makeup around easily.

Finishing touches
As well as making your clients feel comfortable and assured that your space is as clean and safe as possible, don’t forget the little touches that can turn any treatment into a moment of luxury. Show them that you have thought about everything and think about the space you’re creating; no matter how small it might be, simple touches such as aromatherapy candles, flowers and a well-thought out colour scheme will give the client an unforgettable experience. Also, don’t forget the power of social media; by making your space chic and stylish, your clients will likely want to share it on Instagram or TikTok – that’s free advertising for you!

Also, did you know? To make things easier, if you buy your stock through Capital we offer Click & Collect and next day online delivery. Plus, if you purchase from the Black Collection by Capital, you can pay with Klarna, allowing you to spread the cost of setting up your perfect salon.

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