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Helpful apps and online services to stay organised

While starting your own business can feel like an endless list of tasks there is so much you can do via your phone and a variety of apps. Plus, as you’re working solo, using your phone means you don’t have to carry a laptop around, on top of all that kit! From keeping appointments organised, to managing your receipts, there’s an app or an online service for everything.

Here we breakdown how you can stay connected.

Booked and busy
When it comes to bookings check out Fresha, Timely or Simple Salon and find the right app that suits your needs.

Fresha has a whole range of services to help you get and keep clients, even helping you to create email campaigns.

Timley is the go-to for anyone looking for a community atmosphere and it also keeps you updated when it comes to everyday advice, such as how to ask about Covid symptoms.

Finally, Simple Salon is great for collating reports and showing you which services are really performing for you.

There are even apps to help you track your finances. Take a look a software such as Quickbooks and Xero - they offer both desktop and phone apps that help you to record your expenses as you go, making Self Assessment time less of a stress!

Stay organised
It’s not just apps that can keep us organised; more and more people are hiring Virtual Assistants, and for good reason. Hiring a VA sounds kinda fancy, but basically, it’s someone who could be anywhere in the world, attending to anything from your emails, to taking bookings to organising your travel plans. It might seem like another cost but hiring a VA can be super cost-effective and the time you get back is invaluable.

Get social help
If you’re spending hours a day wondering how to compose a caption when you could be prepping for your next client, it might be time to consider some social media support. Again, they could be situated anywhere in the world – all you need to do is supply them with imagery of your work and they can do the rest, providing you with a social media schedule for months at a time.

Need more info? Check out our blog on Time Management or take some guidance from our Freelancer Focus Social Media blog.