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How I made it - Christel Lundqvist

For the month of March we are talking about education and experience. This week we talk to the super talented Creative Director of STIL salon and Global Creative Technical Director for TIGI, Christel Lundqvist.

Christel Lundqvist

Title / Occupation:

Creative director of STIL salon and Global Creative Technical Director for TIGI

I’ve Been In The Business For…

Twenty years.


Swedish Hairdressing diploma and UK NVQ qualifications. During my career I have completed numerous colour degrees by global manufacturers.

My First Job:

Was in Sweden and I loved it! However I was petrified answering the phones at work, along with talking to clients at the age of 15.

How I Got To Where I Am Now:

Throughout my career I have naturally developed into working in other parts of hairdressing; having my own business is something that has been a dream of mine for a long time.

Worst Day At Work?

Can’t remember to be honest as I love what I do! But sometimes it gets a little hectic, and when it does it seems like it’s all upside down.

Best Accomplishment So Far In My Career:

Winning at the British hairdressing awards was a great personal achievement.

How I Stay Motivated:

I love hair and what I do, so it’s more of a lifestyle than a job which gets me going every day.

Why It’s Important To Keep Learning:

It’s very important to stay on top of what you do as clients are so aware of fashion these days, so the demand is very high. Plus it’s so inspiring and rewarding to constantly evolve and learn new things. I love the saying, ‘what’s new today is old tomorrow.’

My Working Day:

I’m very fortunate that my day to day life is very varied, due to travel, working on shoots, developing products and being in the salon. But typically I would start at 6am and my day would be filled with hair, fashion, education and wonderful clients and finish at 8.30pm.

Most Useful Piece Of Advice I've Ever Been Given:

Never compromise on your standards.

When I'm Not Working In Hair I'm...

In the gym, out and about, eating out and spending time with my family.