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Get the look with Pulp Riot

If you don’t already know, Pulp Riot is a brand that thrives on giving colourists the most vibrant, bold colour to play with, so we’re sharing this amazingly creative look. Check out this pink and purple men’s colour creation, from Hive Hair Salon’s Lexie Shay Rabbett.

FORMULA 1: 18g Lilac + 2g Velvet 

FORMULA 2: Blush 




With this look I started from a natural level 6 with pre-lightened ends. Using #blondeAF lightener + 20 volume on regrowth, I lifted the colour to a level 10 pale yellow. 


After rinsing and shampooing, I applied 5g ICY High Speed Toner + 10g 6 Volume to towel dried hair for five minutes, to create an even toned canvas. Once the five minutes are up,  rinse and shampoo. 


Now it’s the fun part! I blast dried the hair, before applying Formula 1 (listed above) to the root area, roughly 2cm wide. I put a lot of emphasis on the roots to create a softer shadow effect. Next, I scattered Formula 2 throughout ends at random positions.  On the ends that were left out, I melted the base colour with my fingers using the pinch technique; you pinch the hair using your thumb and index finger at the base and pull colour out towards the ends. Let the colour develop for up to 40 minutes for optimal colour longevity. 


It’s time to remove the excess colour with a cool, high pressure rinse. No conditioner needed, so just style as required!@hair_by_lexieshayHive Hair Salon, Leeds