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Discover Watercolour Florals

With Watercolour Florals an upcoming AW19 nail trend, Salon System nail expert Julie Anne has created a step by step using GELLUX.

Step 1
Prepare the nails. File to cuticles and buff nail plate. Using Profile Prep + Wipe. 

Step 2 
Apply GELLUX Fast Bond dry. Apply GELLUX Easy Off cure. 

Step 3
Apply two layers of GELLUX Piggy Pink curing after each layer. 

Step 4
On a piece of foil place 3 drops of GELLUX Easy off Base Coat and mix each drop with a very small amount GELLUX Surf's Up, GELLUX You Can Can and GELLUX Peach Perfect to create 3 sheer colours. 

Step 5
Dip a detail brush into GELLUX You Can Can shade and create small randomly places petals on the side of each nail, and cure. 

Step 6
Repeat step 5 using the GELLUX Peach Perfect, then repeat again using the GELLUX Surf's Up, curing after each design is added. 

Step 7
Dip a fine liner brush into GELLUX Black Onyx and paint some random petals and dots over the petals you have created previously, cure for 60 seconds. 

Step 8
Apply GELLUX Shiny Top Coat, and cure. Wipe with Prep&Wipe and apply GELLUX Nail & Cuticle Oil.