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La-Brasiliana Escluso 500ml
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La-Brasiliana Escluso 500ml

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Escluso, the latest in Keratin technology is formulated with a unique binding mechanism that assists in rebuilding the hair structure, with no formaldahyde / formaldahyde releasers. Shampoo off in just 24 hours!

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ESCLUSO features the latest keratin technology with no formaldehyde and no formaldehyde releasers. Formulated with a unique building mechanism that assists in rebuilding the hair structure. ESCLUSO results are stunning. It contains high levels of cystine to interact and link better with natural fibres.

ESCLUSO contains Argan Oil, a rare oil known for it's moisturising qualities. It also contains Collagen, which is naturally found in the body, but diminishes as hair ages. Collagen improves the strength and elasticity. Hydrolysed Soy Protein is added to condition, improve shine, and add a protective shield. Pro Vitamin B5 (panthenol) is also added to improve shine.

La-Brasiliana ESCLUSO keratin treatment with collagen, contains phenyl trimethicone for anti frizz, heat protection and shine; nano technology in an anti frizz ingredient which consists of submicronspheres that penetrates deeper into the cuticle layers with a substantial release rate, making results last longer.

Think smoother, shinier, healthier hair!


Overall rating
Laylla Joutai

formaldahyde free is the way to go
I purchased this product as it is formaldahyde free. This was a massive plus point as I read an arictle that noted the dangers of inhaling this potent, nasal cancer, causing chemical. I know it is not as strong as the original but for frizzy hair after the second straightening treatment hair does continue to improve. If clients and more hairdressers new the harm the formaldahyde products could do to their health, after regular exposure, would they still go for the instant results? I personally would rather play it safe a be patient to get the desired result of a couple treatments. I think it's wrong that we are not obligated to tell people the risks.

sheena ogilvy

I agree the original labrasiiana seems to be the only successful straightener , this has no good reviews anywhere and i have had new clients coming to me to say their Brazilian blowdry has gone wrong , so i am guessing it people trying this

Susan Bissland

After using the original labrasiliana on my clients,I decided to use the escluso. Disaster! Left the hair feeling worse,looked very dry. Will have to do clients hair again. No t impressed

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