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NXT Colour 100ml - Metallic Collection - 10.102 - Platinum Ash Pearl Blonde
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NXT Colour 100ml - Metallic Collection - 10.102 - Platinum Ash Pearl Blonde

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10 new shades inspired by minerals and stones. NXT is a high quality colour range which is also great value. Now with anti colour fade technology.

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Product information

Preparation hints and tips

It's recommended to pre-mix the colour at least 10 minutes prior to application (15-20 minutes is ideal). The Metallic shades contain an enhanced amount of ammonia, the same as the high-lift tints (11 and 12 ranges) in the NXT family, to ensure the colour result is as true as can be.

Pre-colour and use of NXT Metallics

When pre lightening the hair it's always important to consider the clients hair and scalp condition. When using the Metallics you will often be applying several colour formulas to the hair in one session, therefore the following guidance is recommended:

  • When removing a pre colour product, such as a pre lightener, avoid over stimulating the scalp as this can cause sensitivity when applying additional colours to the hair
  • Focus the use of any no yellow shampoos or toners used to balance the lightened shade on the hair and avoid the scalp
  • Always check the condition and integrity of the hair and scalp at each stage of the process

How can I Improve the durability of the colour result?

As with all high fashion pastel / ‘Metallic’ shades, the durability and longevity of the colour is difficult to guarantee. There are many factors to consider:

  • The hair has usually been pre coloured so is more porous – which reduces the intensity of the colour applied and its durability
  • Is the client using appropriate professional aftercare products that are colour safe in order to reduce colour fade
  • Repeat applications will build up the colour result on the hair to provide an enhanced buildup of tone
  • Always give clear advice to the client. Manage their expectations regarding the longevity of the end result and on how to best maintain their chosen colour
  • The tonal responses is a ‘Metallic’, ‘Shadowed’ result. Metallics will not provide a vibrant result like direct dyes such as Directions, Crazy Colour or Colour Psycho
  • Care should be taken not to over lighten the hair prior to the application of NXT Metallics



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