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Clynol Viton S 60ml 10.0 - Extra Light Blonde


Clynol Viton S 60ml 10.0 - Extra Light BlondeClynol Viton S 60ml 10.0 - Extra Light Blonde
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An extraordinary responsive range of vibrant highlights.

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Product information

New Clynol Viton S has an exclusive pigment mix within the cream colour which delivers maximum intensity in every gorgeous shade whilst enhancing vibrancy and ensuring 100% true-to-tuft results.The combination of these new pigments with the amazing new featherlight oil formula within the Viton developers takes colour to a dazzling new level.

And, because the success of every masterpiece demands the optimum canvas, our new formula is enriched with Sejan Seed Extract to nourish every strand. The result is smoother, more even and longer-lasting colour – every time.