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Lisap: Lisaplex (Single Application)
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Lisap: Lisaplex (Single Application)

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Single Application: Prepare to be amazed! Organic natural protein complex and actually repairs the hair bonds.

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1 x Bond Saver 5ml
& 1 x Hair Structure Filler 20ml


Total reconstruction in only around 20 minutes & add to colour & bleach for more perfect results and beautiful hair. Simple, quick, easy & long lasting.  

  1. Can lisaplex™ be used on hair that has had previous chemical treatments?
  • Yes, after hair has previously been coloured, bleached/decoloured, straightened or permed, lisaplex™ can be applied – providing the hair structure is completely intact.
  1. Can I carry out two procedures on the same day with lisaplex™?
  • Yes, if the hair structure allows it.
  1. Do I need to increase processing times when using lisaplex™ with colour & bleach?
  • No, it’s not necessary to change anything you would usually do.
  1. Is the lifting power of bleach/decolourant reduced?
  • No, the ability to lift or lighten is not affected.
  1. Can I mix lisaplex™ with hair colours?
  • Yes, lisaplex™ is very effective when used in combination with any colouring procedure.
  1. Is there any need for lisaplex™ to be maintained by clients at home?
  • By choosing the lisaplex™ treatment most appropriate for your client’s hair type, there is no need for them to maintain the treatment themselves afterwards.
  1. Ultimate shampoo
  • Both in the salon and for clients at home ultimate shampoo with hydrolysed keratin & ceramide a2 gives best long lasting condition for all hair types after any lisaplex treatment



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