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Fudge Speed 2 Creme Lightener 250g


Fudge Speed 2 Creme Lightener 250gFudge Speed 2 Creme Lightener 250g
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Speed 2 Crème Lightener

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Product information

A creamy, fast acting on and off scalp crème lightener enriched with
vegetal oils to protect the hair and scalp throughout the lightening
process. This versatile formulation has the same lifting power as a
traditional powder bleach and caters for all your lightening needs
including both on-scalp and off-scalp colouring techniques. Fudge
Speed 2 Crème Lightener is perfectly balanced when used in
conjunction with Fudge Catalyst Crème Developers to create
maximum lift for all hair types.



Ideal for on scalp lightening techniques, gentle creamy formula



RECOMMENDATIONS: If during application or processing your client
experiences skin irritation, itching or redness, rinse off immediately with
plenty of water. See a doctor if irritation or redness persists. It is not
recommended that you do bleach and perm services without carrying out
a compatibility strand test. Do not store mixture for future applications.
MIXING: Do not pre-shampoo. Depending on the degree of lightening required,
mix 1 part Speed 2 Crème Lightener + 2 parts Catalyst Crème Developer 3%,
6%, 9% or 12% in a non-metallic bowl. When applying to the scalp area do
not use higher than 6% Catalyst Crème Developer. Mix thoroughly with a brush
into a smooth paste.
DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINES: Apply mixture to dry hair. Development time
depends on the degree of lift and the condition of the hair. Check frequently
to avoid over-processing. Do not exceed 50 mins.
COLOUR REMOVAL: After completed development time gently rinse with Fudge
Damage Rewind Reconstructing Shampoo to remove any residue. Then apply
Fudge Damage Rewind Reconstructing Conditioner. If using other products to
tone please use according to their instructions.