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SMARTMeso HSR Hyaluronic SR GF & Peptide Serum (Pack of 10)
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SMARTMeso HSR Hyaluronic SR GF & Peptide Serum (Pack of 10)

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Hyaluronic Skin Rejuvenating: HSR is a clinically tested formula which helps to rejuvenate dehydrated or aged skin. It contains 1% of Hyaluronic Acid with the double concentration of other mesotherapy solutions. It provides the lost volume and binds 1000 times of its own weight in water by re-hydrating and plumping the dermis. It includes recombinant growth factors for a human that naturally rebuilds the dermal collagen. The product also has Retinal, Glutathione and Ascorbic Acids that work as powerful antioxidants and direct stimulators of collagen that help to reduce pigmentation.This skin rejuvenating Mesotherapy treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles by producing new skin cells and increasing the elasticity of the skin by generating the synthesis of the collagen. It helps the skin to maintain the optimum moisture balance and hydrates dry skin. This product treatment is recommended for mature or aged skin types.

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  • 10 vials of HSR – Hyaluronic Skin Rejuvenating

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