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Monuskin Monuspa Lime & Walnut Wrap
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Monuskin Monuspa Lime & Walnut Wrap

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Elimates dead skin cells and encourages cell regeneration. A powerful antiocidant that supports healthy immune function. Positively affects mood thanks to it's stimulating and refreshing properties. Promoted emotional balance and well-being. To help maintain super soft skin all over, we recommend the treatment to be carried out once a month.

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Cocooning the body in a comforting foil wrap, followed by the stress releasing face and scalp massage. This is an ultimate head to toe body rituals that will help to ease away the stresses of life. 

A delightfully relaxing massage using warm aromatherapy oils to target any area of tension or stress, re-engerisies and restores vitality resulting in skin that will be left beautifully nourished and exceptionally soft all over. 

Eliminating dead skin cells encourage cell regeneration. 


Lime & Walnut Wrap Treatment Guide 

Step 1

  • Welcome Ritual
  • Body brush (optional)
  • Heat 15ml of Monuspa Grapeseed Oil in warm water (10 mins)

Step 2

  • Blend 15ml of Monuspa Grapeseed Oil with 4 drops of Lime Essential Oil
  • Apply the warm oil to the body. 
  • Apply Monuspa Body Buffer to body (paying particular attentions to dry areas or other areas of concern)
  • Wrap client in foil and leave in relax for 15 minutes 

Step 3

  • Massage the facial contours and scalp (15 minutes)
  • Remove wrap and remove product residue using mitts or shower off

Step 4

  • Apply Monuspa Enriched Body Cream
  • Apply Aroma Compress - Lime Essential Oil 
  • Recommend homecare





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