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Salon Artisan Individual Lash 80 Clusters - Short (Knot Free)
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Salon Artisan Individual Lash 80 Clusters - Short (Knot Free)

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Handmade lash clusters fused seamlessly at the root to provide an invisible bond when applied to the natural lash. Designed for Lash Artists to create custom and unique lash looks. 80 Clusters, Knot Free for incredibly natural look, Lengthen, Lift & Volumize, Expertly Handcrafted & Vegan & Cruelty Free

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  1. Cleanse lashes so they are free from makeup and oil
  2. Pour a few drops of Individual Lash Adhesive (not included) into a palette or glue ring.
  3. Gently lift a lash cluster away from the tray and dip the end of the lash into the glue picking up a small amount.
  4. Place the lash on top of the natural lashes with the glued section as close to the lash line as possible (but not touching the skin).
  5. Hold the cluster until it bonds to the natural lashes.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until your custom lash look is achieved.


  1. Lashes can be removed with Individual Lash Remover.
  2. Apply a small amount to a cotton bud/micro applicator and dab onto the bonded area of the individual lash.
  3. Allow the adhesive to dissolve for a minute then gently wipe the lash away.