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FHI Heat Runway Pod Session Roller kit

Product Code: 120100

FHI Heat Runway Session Styling Rapid Hair System. Heating system activates rollers in only 8 seconds in a heat resistant base.

£49.95 ex VAT

£99.00 ex VAT

  • Self-gripping Velcro Rapid Heat Rollers and Roller
  • Grip Clips are perfect for creating hard to hold styles and updo's
  • Temperature controlled base heats each roller up to 140°C (284°F), ideal for locking in incredible body, volume, curls, waves and movement
  • Packaged as a complete system making it easy to display, sell and store
  • 1x Session Styling Rapid Heating Base
  • 12x Session Styling Rapid Heat Rollers: (4x Small, 4x Medium & 4x Large)
  • 12x Session Styling Roller Grip Clips
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