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NXT Colour 100ml 9.0 - Very Light Blonde

NXT Colour 100ml 9.0 - Very Light Blonde

Product Code: 336509

With new colours and improved formulations
Buy 6 tubes of NXT and get a FREE NXT Colour Remover!
(1 per order - While stocks last)
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£4.49 ex VAT

NXT is a high quality colour range which is also great value. Now with anti colour fade technology.

  • All of our new and existing reds and coppers are much more vibrant and offer superior coverage.
  • The -00 Intense Natural shades offer even better coverage than before
  • Our new 12 range offer stunning High Lift Blondes.
  • The new -000 Neutral Booster when added to blondes offers an even higher degree of lift
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John Last name

Everything about this colour is fab From price to coverage on clients Have stocked salon up with these colours


First name Last name

Tried a few tubes of this and loved it, now fully stocked up on it. Beautiful shine, creamy so applies perfectly. Smells kind of appley and does exactly what it says on colour chart!!


saffron elder

great value for money, great grey coverage on all colour range.


Jaason Peck

These are fabulous colours to use. Very reliable, very good value for money & have a great colour pallet to work with.


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