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Create the Look: Grungy Grey by Koleston Perfect Innosense

29 September 2015   by Gemma Hicks-Logan

The new Mineral Collection: An exciting collection of shades inspired by earth, minerals and stone for saturated but not heavy colour results. The A/W 2015 Collection's marbled colours and untamed textures mirror what the elements do to nature, in hair.

Craft the latest looks, inspired by the way that wind and weather can lighten colour: by the accidental textured layers created by a pulled-off hat; by just-opened-upbraids that retain the ghost of their shapes. It’s about texturizing colour: using knots, twists, plaits and braids as an in-process technique for colour and styling. Crafted functionality is elevated into a strong beauty look.


STEP 01: Start from the front hairline parting and take a 3 inch deep wave section all around the perimeter of the head. Leave a central veil section out divide into two and secure with section clips. Apply Colour A to the roots of the perimeter section stretching down about 1-2 inches.

STEP 02: Start from one side, take diagonal wave sections (depth of each section can vary, work visually). Alternate the following colours on each section on to the mid-lengths and ends; Colour A, Colour B,  Colour A and Colour C. Continue this colour combination until both sides are complete.

STEP 03: On the central veil section apply Colour A to all the roots. Working from the back up to the crown take horizontal wave sections and alternate Colours A and B on to the mid-lengths and ends.

STEP 04: On the central veil section from the crown to the front, part the hair to the natural fall and apply Colour C to the mid-lengths and ends.

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